Independent Artists

Join OpenSea

With the changing nature of the music industry, we understand that now more than ever, artists are looking for different ways to distribute their music and to make a living from their art.

We created OpenSea to help independent artists reach new audiences and build a new revenue stream from their music.

  • Increase exposure & audience

    Find new audiences for your music when it is featured on various film and media projects around the World.

  • Build new revenue streams

    OpenSea can be a passive income stream from your music and will help grow your APRA/PPCA income too.

  • License on your terms

    You get to approve different uses of your music. You tell us how and where you want your music licensed.

  • A non-exclusive agreement

    Our Artist Agreement is non-exclusive so you can still find other ways to distribute and make money from your music.

If you are an artist and you're interested in being a part of OpenSea please send us a few details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We'd love to hear your stuff!